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Dec 17, 2011


The Tonita Tiny House, is very similar to the Slabtown AnneMarie tiny home at first glance of the exterior. To watch a short video of the custom Tonita Tiny home click here.  This tiny home is 8' wide by 24' long and was customized for the buyer. The interior measures 8' x 18' and has an additional 8' x 6' covered front porch.

As with any Slabtown Custom home, the customers personal style is taken into account and each home is customized to fit the buyers needs. The porch can be made shorter to increase the inside living space or totally eliminated.  A good size front porch will hold two rocking chairs comfortably and can also be in closed with screen to use for extra space for sleeping or enjoying an outdoor meal.

This particular home has a rear end bathroom that can include a small bathtub with shower, a toilet and a sink. You may opt for a shower stall and a composting toilet, or decide to eliminate the bathroom sink and have a small storage cabinet built in it's place. The possibilities are endless.

This tiny home also features a nook area side by side with the bathroom.  This space can function as an office or hobby space, with built in desk and shelves and a work station to seat two people.  It can also be used as a walk in storage closet, a comfortable reading or relaxing nook which will hold a large comfy chaise, or use it as a lower level sleeping area. This nook makes a great place for a baby crib or bedroom for a young child.  Many standard futons will fit into this cubby area and double as a sitting area.

The kitchen is spacious with plenty of  storage and cabinet space for a tiny home. Upper cabinets can be added by Slabtown Customs as well as book shelves, closet or pantry space as well as convenient cubby areas for maximum storage. In this unit the customer will be adding her own upper kitchen cabinets.

You can pick out your own appliances and fixtures and have them sent to Slabtown Customs to be installed in your tiny home once we start building, or we will pick out standard appliances and fixtures locally for your tiny home.  A under cabinet refrigerator will create more counter work space also. There are many options to create your own personal space.

The door size is of great importance. MANY tiny homes have VERY tiny front doors, some being 19 inches wide. Slabtown Customs utilizes normal size front doors in their homes which will allow you to have many furniture options.

Below you will see some pictures of the new construction of the Tonita Tiny house. The buyer has created a blog to document her additions and finishing touches to this tiny home. Visit her blog at to watch the transformation and get ideas for your new Slabtown Custom home.



Custom pantry & closet

A full length closet or divided storage areas can be build in any unit

A his & her closet is an option

Pick your own style of hinges

Custom double sink, faucet & stove top

Custom apartment size frig with lower freezer

There are many stove top options

Custom maple butcher block counter

Custom built in frig up off the floor for convenience and allow under frig storage for wine, produce, groceries, shoes or ?

Choose appliances that work best for your lifestyle

Customer designed ladder to blend into shelf unit

Custom build shelf

Normal size entry door allows more furniture options

A view of the back loft. Pick your own carpet colors

Loft over porch. The loft can be in closed to offer more privacy or more storage options

The back cubby and bathroom

A 32" x 32" shower stall is standard but you may opt for a small bathtub like the buyer for this home did.

The buyer purchased this wall mount sink for us to install. It has since been discontinued

The 6' by 8' front porch is very functional. It will hold 2 rocking chairs comfortably or a bench on each side, perhaps a bistro table set and a small bar-b-cue

For more pictures, updates and details about the Tonita tiny house please visit this buyers blog at

IF you have any questions or would like to order a similar built tiny home please contact Scott at Slabtown Customs, M-F at  870-213-5310 or by email at

I look forward to turning your tiny home dream into your reality.